Was stört hier?

What’s bothering here – Video installation at the Brünnen public park, monitor with video loop and live video from two surveillance cameras, in cooperation with Gabriela Gerber as part of the “westfenster” at the Brünnen public park Berne, 2012

Project description

The art project under the motto “What’s bothering here” inspires us to think about rules, regulations and habitual or expected behaviour. How is this actually lived in everyday life in a multicultural environment? Does good order need safety and must it be monitored?
The video installation was shown for two weeks as part of the “westfenster” project in the Brünnen public park Bümpliz near Berne.
For more information, please visit the website of the project westfenster.


Concept and realisation GABRIELA GERBER and KONSTANTIN GUTSCHER an art project by KUNSTACHSE curated by MARTA KWIATKOWSKI