Im Schnitt

(Cut it.), short feature film, 14 minutes, 2014


A film editor, a director and a TV producer are working together in an editing room: they are editing themselves as the protagonists of their own movie. What starts as a peaceful piece of work is slowly getting out of control. Different approaches clash: the stubborn director collides with the TV producer who is afraid of falling TV ratings and an over challenged audience. The editor finds himself in-between the two. The editing process escalates…

Festivals / Cinema

2014 Frische Filme, Lichtspiel Bern
2014 CineClobe au CERN, Genève
2013 shnit Kurzfilmfestival Bern
2013 Bamberger Kurzfilmtage


«A smug director, an over-the-top television producer who is panicked with frenzied audiences, and a frustrated editor: In the short film (…) the different interests by the three protagonists clashes together in the editing room. Who has the last word?»
– translated from a report by Sarah Sartorius for the Berner Kulturagenda 2014 N°26


Written, directed and edited by KONSTANTIN GUTSCHER with ANDRI SCHENDARDI, JONATHAN LOOSLI and PIT-ARNE PIETZ a production by RECYCLED TV AG produced by MADELEINE CORBAT cinematography by PETER GUYER sound FABIAN GUTSCHER script supervisor REBECCA SIEGFRIED hair and make-up by MIRIAM BLANK and CHRISTINE HAEBERLI best boy and focus-puller TOM BERNHARD catering VERA GUYER set design by ZOÉ BUCHER music by SIMON HO graphic design by LARS EGERT sound design by FABIAN GUTSCHER color correction by UELI MÜLLER sound mixing by PETER VON SIEBENTHAL